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Category: Add site conditions - 2017-05-03
  • ‚ÄčList your program at for free! All that you need is to pay the minimum deposit in your Program (but 25 USD min) to our PM account U2890603 (if your program accepts Perfect Money) that will be invested into your Program and allow us to monitor your activity. 
  • Please be informed that for some Programs at our discretion (not serious programs, programs with very high rates, programs on free hosting, etc.) we reserve the rights to invest this test amount by two instalments. The first instalment will be invested immediately, the second one will be invested some time later. 
  • In order to list your HYIP on our site, please fill our form below or send us your request to our email 
  • Your Program will be listed on our site for the life of your Program. After 60 days you can get listed on a higer class (for example if you paid for Standard class, after 60 days of regular payouts you can be listed at Permium class).   
  • If we detect fraud or selective payments or if your program is found reported as scam on more than one listing site for more than one day we reserve the right to move it into the blacklist (SCAM) and/or remove all advertisements without any refunds. 
  • We have the right to reject listing request without explanation. In this case money will be refunded. 
  • Our Perfect Money account is U2890603, BTC wallet: 1EHeCWiQcXyoKKtciwhDfdzFUpWeMEeXFn
  • If you want to pay with Btc, please inform us after payment in chat or using Contact us form and we'll add you programm.
  • Your programm will be added as soon as possible (usually in 1-2 hours, maximum - in 12 hours).
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